NEW! Shawn’s “I Choose Love” eBook now available!

I Choose Love book coverShawn’s I Choose Love Ebook is a compilation of original art, stories and song lyrics that accompany his I Choose Love CD.

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Shawn’s new song and video:

Wake Up America!

This is a song that pleads to the hearts and souls of America to wake up and begin taking loving action for change in our country and the way we care for our earth.

It’s social activism at it’s best reminiscent of the 60′s and 70′s movement for peace and love!!!!

Please spread it far and wide.

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Shawn’s latest CD is available:  Love Songs for the Soul
This CD is a collection of songs recorded very simply with acoustic guitar, cello and vocals. The songs are designed to evoke a sense of purity for the intent of opening the heart and soothing the soul or spirit. This album is one of my very favorites and was a great joy to record. I hope you benefit from its healing energies as much as I have.

In Light & Love,

I absolutely love your new CD!! Play it constantly and hear something new every time that touches me at the deepest of levels. Whenever I need to remember the possibility of living without edges I play it again because I certainly have had some edges and darkness lately. Rather uncharacteristic in recent times but indicative of some deeper clearing of the heart. You could have written that music for me, but I suspect that personal quality that touches the hearts of many is what makes a songwriter great. You are able to touch into the mass consciousness of love, brokenness, and grief and heal and open the hearts of those who respond. It is a crucial gift in this time of transformation and music is such an amazing tool to break the bonds of fear and separation. Thank you for being a true man and someone; that is truly expressing the sacred heart of the Christ self!
Mary J Christopher

Livin’ Love, The Shift is On

Hey Everybody, this CD is all about coming into unity consciousness and moving forward in joy. Who couldn’t use a little more joy in their life? I invite you to order a copy and spread the joy!!

In Light & Love,

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