CDs & DVDs

Inspired – CD

All of the songs on this CD were “Inspired” by authors, speakers, healers, companies, and organizations who are promoting loving transformation in the world.

I Choose Love – CD

This is a collection of songs inspired by my own journey of transformation and healing, moving through fear and back home to love. It includes the international hit single “I Choose Love”.

On The Way – CD

This is Transformational Music at its best featuring Keith Urban on “The Sword and the Shield” and “On The Fence”. These songs cover a variety of genres, folk, pop, country, light jazz and rock, all with an inspired and uplifting message. They will do your heart good!

Livin’ Love, The Shift Is On – CD

This is a collection of songs about Joy and celebrating the great shift happening on our planet right now. Includes the very popular “Infinite Love & Gratitude”.

Love Songs for the Soul – CD

This CD is a collection of songs recorded very simply with acoustic guitar, cello and vocals. The songs are designed to evoke a sense of purity for the intent of opening the heart and soothing the soul or spirit. This album is one of my very favorites and was a great joy to record. I hope you benefit from its healing energies as much as I have in creating and sharing it.

I Choose Love – DVD

This DVD has has Shawn’s groundbreaking anthem, I Choose Love, plus the following:American Sign Language (including a tutorial teaching children how to sign I Choose Love),Shawn’s solo performance, interviews, lyrics and more.

I Choose Love (Choice Point)  – DVD

Our world is changing rapidly before our eyes. Many feel the shifts and sense emotional turbulence inside. How do we awaken and realize the heart of humanity? How can we together walk safely through fear, making the changes inspired by love, grace and courage? Joy Gilfilenfounder of in her search for solutions to conscious change met ShawnGallaway, a singing sage and healer. Shawn uses ceremony, storytelling, musical and visual arts to open our hearts, invite healing, and enjoy the Spirit. We present a live concert illustrating “Transformational Music” as a tool to raise awareness as we embrace personal and global transformation. We invite you to open your heart as we open ours to you…..

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